Seasoning Shop Starter Kit with 12 Seasoning Blends

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Seasoning Shop Starter kit is consisting of 12 glass jars 6 Oz. each designed to keep your Favorite Seasoning Blends Fresh and Tasty all the time. Select the Seasoning Blends you like, and you will find the Recipes to go with those Blends online.  Also, you will get is an option to subscribe these blends to receive every three months.

Please, watch the video Keeping Your Blends Fresh. It will show you how to fill your jars.

Casai’s Jamaican Jerk, Cardy’s Vegetable Seasoning, Cardy’s Steak Seasoning, Cardy’s Lemon Pepper, Casai’s BBQ Rub Seasoning, Cardy’s Fish and Poultry Seasoning, Cardy’s Taco Seasoning, Cardy’s Blackened Seasoning, Casai’s Garam Masala, Rita’s Curry Powder, Casai’s Italian Herbs, Rita’s Chai Masala, Rita’s Curry Masala. You will be able to replace with new Seasoning Blends as they become available. With the Subscription you will also get the Mystery Box each month with at least two new Seasoning Blends to taste keeping cooking and life interesting.

Due to the way that we distribute this product, you may receive two separate shipments. Contact Us

1 review for Seasoning Shop Starter Kit with 12 Seasoning Blends

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    This is the best idea. I never knew that keeping refrigerator will not cake my Seasoning Blends. Also, I like the idea of removable labels so that I don’t have to write with my ugly hand writing on the jar that I can read after a while.

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