Mr. Cardy’s Fish & Oyster 24 oz.

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Fish and Oyster Meal comes in 24 Oz. bag. Please keep it in container in a dry place. Mr. Cardy’s Gourmet Fish and Oyster Meal is made with the Corn Meal, Flour, Garlic, Cayenne pepper, salt, lemon, Black pepper, Flour, Baking powder. When you want to fry the fish or Oyster all you have to do is sprinkle your fish and Oyster with little bit of Mr. Cardy’s Lemon Pepper than just dredge it in the Corn Meal and deep fry it. No need for egg wash or anything. Cook till it is done and enjoy with lemon or tarter sauce or nothing more. You would just love it.

PS: you can cut the fish in Finger size length and deep fry it like Chicken Fingers as well.


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