Miss Rita’s Gourmet Curry Masala 3 oz. (Salt and Gluten Free)

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Rita’s Curry powder is good with Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes. Take Fresh Vegetables, Chicken, Lamb or Fish Curry and cut it the way you like sautéed with little diced or julienne onions in Canola Oil for a few minutes and add choice of Vege or Meat and you will see the difference in your food. Add Salt and Sugar to your taste to get more hot or spicy add Rita’s Garam Masala and cook few minutes more.

This is a 3 oz. package and will fit perfectly in SeasoningShop Starter Kit 6 Oz. jars in Refrigerator. Gluten Free and Salt Free Curry powder is created by Miss Rita from the north part of India with Cardamom, Fenugreek, Coriander, Cumin, Dry Mustard and Black pepper Roasted and Ground turmeric Powder, red chili pepper (powder), ground ginger Powder and mixed it well again. Enjoy creating most Indian Dishes that you crave with little effort.

1 review for Miss Rita’s Gourmet Curry Masala 3 oz. (Salt and Gluten Free)

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    Aaron B Frazier

    Smells amazing…..delicious too

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