Mr. Cardy’s Gourmet Fries Seasoning

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This is a 4 oz package and will fit perfectly in SeasoningShop Starter Kit jars in Refrigerator. You can easily sprinkle on 15 lbs. of French Fries.  This Seasoning was used in San Antonio Texas in Mr. Cardy’s Restaurant on French Fries. Cut the Potatoes lengthwise in ¼ inch size. Wash them with the warm water and wash off the starch. Cook in Vegetable Oil 350` Fahrenheit temperature for at least 6-8 minutes check for doneness may cook longer for crispy till is brown. As soon as you take it out of the fryer sprinkle the Mr. Cardy’s SeasoningBlend for Fries and let it seat for a minute before you serve them. This will open up more flavor of the Mr. Cardy’s Seasoning Blend.


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