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Seasoning Blend Contest

Enter the contest by filling out any of the forms on this page, or continue reading to find out more about what is driving this contest, as well as rules that you should take note of. 

All Recipes Must Be Submitted by Nov 30, 2023

Submit Your REcipe

It is recommend that you provide a link to your video from google drive, dropbox, or similar service because it may be slower to upload directly.

Word or Google Doc of Recipe
Images and Video Of Your Dish

Why Participate?’s best SeasoningBlend contest is for all ethnic and religious food creation. wants to invite everyone in the world from different cultures and backgrounds to join our contest and bring diversity to our program by submitting their own recipes. We do not discriminate on the premise of background, such as with race, culture, and gender, in selecting winning participants. Likewise, chooses contest winners on the premise of content worthy of sharing with our followers to enjoy themselves.
A Winner will be decided in each recipe category submitted and selected by the judges.

When you are selected, you will be notified via email and regular mail. There will be at least 10 contestants in each category.

The finalists will win $1000 in each category and final winners in each category will win a Royalty contract with a value of up to $250,000 plus.

Rules FOr Submitting Recipes

All selected contest participants will be required to send their Seasoning Blends to the SeasoningShop office in California.

Submission Format

Must submit recipes in Word format with Title of the Recipe, ethnicity or culture of recipe. I.e. Indian, Chinese, or Italian or American.


Ingredients that you use for a recipe are required so that others can create the same dish.

Ingredient Usage

Details of the usage of ingredients whether that be chopped, Diced, or Julienne.


Make sure to include relevant measurement such as weight or volume.

YOur Methods

Describe any specific methods you may have used in making this recipe.

Document It

Take a video of you making your recipe.  Whether that be with your smartphone or camera.  Don’t worry about editing.

Take Pictures!

Let others appreciate your hard work with final images of your dish that you made.

Mark YOur Calendar

All recipes must be submitted by November 30th of 2023. After that date Recipe will be considered for next year’s contest.


This recipe will be a part of the SeasoningShop collection and may be used and distributed worldwide in e-format or printed copies. There will be a residual income from the sale of books or copies and will be distributed evenly.

The winning Prize will be awarded in all different categories for 2022 and the first selection will consist of 20 recipes in each category from different parts of the world.

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